Here are some of the natural sites you should visit when next you touch down in Guatemala.

Nebaj & the Ixil Triangle

This area was once remote and uninhabited during the government’s oppressive civil wars against the native population suspected to be supporting leftist rebels. In recent years, it is the best place to go to access the broad highlands of Guatemala for a glimpse into the country’s rural landscape and lifestyle. Most of the towns in this area are accessed by hiking centuries-old dirt roads and trails.

Tortuguero Monterrico

This turtle conservation project is the perfect place to gain knowledge and carry out research  about the life of giant sea turtles. People who are lucky enough to be present and witness the hatching of turtle eggs get to take part in their weekly raffle, wherein the participants are given hatchlings to cater for and the quickest hatchling to make it to the sea wins its caregiver a prize. If the turtle hatchlings are not in their seasons, you can still see the iguanas and also take a hike through the tropics.

El Petén

This is a vast province that is made up of mostly uncharted tropical rainforest, and it is also home to the country’s archaeological sites and Maya ruins. For the bird-watchers, this is a perfect destination where you can see a diverse species of tropical flowers and birds on a guided hike through the reserves or nature parks.

Semuc Champey

This area boasts of multiple steps of waterfalls that are positioned at the top of a mighty flowing river underground in a narrow forest canyon. It is common knowledge that is area is one of the most beautiful scenery in all of Guatemala. Apart from the beautiful pools, there is great landscaping that hikers can take advantage of. The area where the Chahabón River enters and exists is a beautiful site to behold for touristsParque Nacional Laguna de Lachuá.The Lake Lachuá will leave you lost in wonder with its deep turquoise hue that is so synonymous with the Caribbeans. All around the lake, the rich rainforests riddled with a wide variety of tropical flowers, fauna, and birds.

Los Siete Altares

The English translation of the name of this area is: “The Seven Alters.” Each of the alters that make up this name is, in fact, an impressive waterfall. The waterfalls are lined up in a steady progression in a narrow Forrest canyon fed by a gently flowing river. The final waterfall has a deep pool that is suitable for swimming. Little wonder why this spot came up for the filming of an early adaptation of the “Tarzan” movie.

Río Dulce

The Río Dulce, which is also known as “Sweet River” runs from a narrow opening at one end of the Lago Izabal, all the way to the Caribbean sea. On the path of this river is a luxurious tropical rainforest and also a beautiful narrow canyon. Also, hot springs bubble from underground and this creates hot pools where adventurers can stop for a warm dip. Boat rides between the settlements of Fronteras and Livingstone are also favorite activities.