Guatemala having seen internal strife in years past has emerged to be one of the prominent countries in America. She boasts of the success in her agricultural sector, and ethanol export. In the recent years, Guatemala has risen to glory in the fame of some of her billionaire citizens amongst which we have these five prestigious men.

Dionisio Gutierrez Mayorga

Gutierrez as recorded in Revista summa (a financial periodical in Guatemala), is considered as one of the 100 most significant businessmen in Latin America. He is a member of the board of trustees of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, and also a holds a chair in the G-50 Group and the council of the Americas. He founded the Juan Bautista Gutierrez foundation that aids children from destitute families in need of healthcare. He has always been a very dedicated humanitarian. Unfortunately, Gutierrez had to leave Guatemala due to threats against his life and detrimental political pursue in 2010.

Eddie Berganza

The story of Berganza’s accomplishment is captivating. “Look up in the sky!”, was an English phrase he learned from the adventure of Superman (this is the narrators first line in the series), and with this, he stunned the adults around him. Bob Greenberger, a guy he met at after his college internship, helped him to secure a job at DC comics. Berganza from the position of a copyboy, gradually rose up in rank to become the executive editor in 2010.

Ted Hendricks

Hendricks was born to a couple who used to work at Guatemala at that time. He played with super bowl teams for complete 15 seasons winning four super bowls. He got into the hall of fame or Pro Footballers in the 1990’s. His football dreams started in high school, where he displayed great interest and compatibility for the game. He played college football during his study days at the university, his career in the NFL I must say was a memorable one.

Mario López Estrada

López, a one-time civil servant, had the opportunity of investing in the telecommunication business. During Lopez early days in the state’s telecommunication, they lacked much stability; it is quite startling to know that companies preferred to use two-way radios in place of a telephone. Clients had two spend two astounding years waiting before they could receive landline services they applied . He controlled the telecommunication business until 1999 when he had two rivals in the mobile communication business. In few decades, he has announced Guatemala’s only billionaire.

Felipe A. Bosch Gutierrez

Felipe is one guy that looks exceptionally nervous when he stands before a camera as I had to run a serious search before I could get a single image of his composed appearance-my humble apologies. He is an executive member of the most significant industrial and agricultural cooperation in Central America, a multinational corporation that specializes in large sectors of agro-industry which includes prepared food, such as raw foods and fast foods. He was the president of the committee of agriculture, trade, commerce and business association, and also held the chambers of industry presidency. He has commanded many projects for the expansion and advancements within Guatemala.