Guatemala is one of the most amazing countries in the whole world. The country is placed in Southern America and it is one of the most life-abundant regions in the world. The country has a fascinating history and there are many places that still tell the story of the glorious past of the ancient civilizations. Guatemala is a very popular touristic destination thanks to the fact that besides the amazing history, the landscape and the animals found here are great. There are many species that can be only found here and in no other place in the world. Many of the animals here captivate the minds of photographers and they are definitely part of the popularity of this place. We have listed some of the most amazing animals here to look out for while in Guatemala in order to make your experience here even more beautiful.

The National Animal

First of all, let’s start with the national animal of this country. The quetzal is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It is a medium sized bird with amazing colors. The blue-turquoise color of this species is impossible to miss. It has a long tail that makes it look amazing while flying. Besides this color, the quetzal can be red, white, gold, blue and green. The bird is a symbol of love and peace and this is one of the reasons why it was chosen to be the national symbol of Guatemala. The bird has a small head with a tiny, red beak that makes it incredibly beautiful.

Rare and Unique Animals

The Spider Monkey is one of the rarest type of monkeys in the world and unfortunately, they are almost extinct. They can be found in the Northern regions of Guatemala. These small monkeys are black with white fur on their faces. The name comes from their climbing style. They have a long tail that helps them while climbing and many people refer to their tails as the fifth hand. They are very curious and not aggressive.

The Toucan is one of the most amazing birds in the world. You can’t miss this little bird thanks to the huge colored beak. The bird is black with little spots of color and the main characteristic is the beak. They are curious and friendly, but it is better not to try to pet these birds because they can get aggressive if they are scared.

Armadillo is one of the oddest animals in the world. They are quite small, and the striking characteristic is the shield-like skin. This helps them protect against predators and when they feel in danger they would roll themselves in a ball and get away from the attacker.

Ocelots are the wild relative of the domestic cat. They are very beautiful and their fur resembles that of a tiger but they are about the same size as the cats we keep at home. They are extremely beautiful but not very friendly and they shouldn’t be confused with simple pets.