Due to recent incidents and the lack of police force in some areas, many tourists reconsider their vacation options if they had Guatemala in mind. It is still one of the most interesting countries to visit and there are some steps to follow to make sure that you and your friends are safe. The embassies may provide you detailed guides and you will receive some advice on the airport too. It is a pity to skip visiting this amazing country. It is well-known that the landscape is breath-taking and that the local people are very warm and welcoming. But staying safe can be quite tricky here, especially if you are visiting this country for the first time. We have listed some tips on staying safe while traveling in Guatemala to make sure that you enjoy your experience here.

Stay Calm

First, don’t be paranoid. There is no country in this world that is 100% safe. Guatemala is a very young country and the police force is often overwhelmed because there are very few police officers that patrol the streets. Most of the violent incidents that happened here don’t involve the tourists so don’t think that you are going to be a target the moment you enter the country. Try to see the beauty of this undiscovered gem and enjoy you time here instead of constantly looking over your shoulder.

Be Smart

Don’t try to visit unknown places. Before visiting this country, you should make a list with the places you want to visit and make some research on how easy it is to get to them and how to get to them. Guatemala has some other amazing places that are not in the touristic areas, but it is better to stick to your to-see list that to get lost here. If you are going in the nature it is strongly advised to follow the paths and to never stray from the main road. Here we are talking about the dangers of the wild animals that are found in the virgin forests here.

Don’t flash your wealth around. By this we mean that it is better to leave you brand new smartphone and camera home and to go out just with some cash and your ID. The robberies that happened here targeted tourists that were flashing their wealth or carried very expensive items. Try to enjoy the beauty of this country without your selfie-stick and you will also be safer.

Don’t Get Lost

Don’t travel during the night. The locals don’t speak English and in case you get lost they may not be able to help you. Getting lost in Guatemala, even in the big cities is not a good idea because the city center where you will probably live is sometimes close to not so safe neighborhoods. It is advised to drink a cocktail at the hotel if that was the plan for going out.