Guatemala is a small fantastic country with interesting historical locations excellent for vacation. Guatemala has Belize, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras as friendly neighbors. The volcanoes, rainforest ancient ruins and high mountains in Guatemala make her a perfect landscape for a petite and memorable vacation. Imaging the beautiful view from the peak of those mountains.

San Miguel Petapa

San Miguel Petapa is a town that lies in the south of Guatemala, close to the beautiful Amatitlan lake. The traditional and religious events of the city such as the well-known Danza de las Flores and the Feria Patronal (held in honor of Archangel St. Michael on September), is often very luxurious and lively and this usually attracts visitors. This is a city in where you could genuinely learn the history of Guatemala and her people because these festivals point back to the history of Guatemalan significance in post-Mayan society.

Guatemala City

‘La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción’ or ‘Gaute,’ is highly populated, always busy and is the best place to base your visit to Guatemala. The International airport aids in conveying the visitors who come to enjoy the views of the essential centers, which includes the Casa presidential and Catedral de Ciudad de Guatemala. This place has the liveliest nightlife scene in all Central America making the night relaxing after an exciting day of engaging in beautiful cathedrals and historical monuments. The capital city of Guatemala is an excellent tourist destination.


The southern city of Quetzaltenango has historical centers filled with gorgeous architecture that originates from the post—Mayan era and the nineteenth century when it made enough fortune, during the days that she used to be so significant in the early Central American coffee industry. Xela – Quetzaltenango features enough magnificent structures that help on see what the South American historical strongholds had in mind such as Lima, Peru but on a lesser scale. Quetzaltenango is widely known as a university city, a substantial trading center and a city for spending. All these things are elegantly combined as tourists from around America visit the town inhabited by over 600,000 people during the annual Central Fair.

El Mirador

The jungles of Guatemala still hide many treasures. El Mirador, north of Tikal, is an excellent example of this. There are still numerous hidden treasures in the Guatemala jungles a perfect example of such riches is the El Mirador, north of Tikal. A few years after pre-Colombian era, the  Mayan culture came around in 1926, an exciting and arousing journey began with the goal of uncovering the treasures hidden in its landscape. Stellas, temples, and more structures have been and are found in El Mirador, and this has continued even till around ten miles now.

The heat from the earth’s interior enables hot bath in waters around Pacaya, and this attracts tourists including the volcano and steals impressive pictures. Some excursions permit a half day strolling up the side of the volcano for people that are a bit more adventurous. It will startle you to know that these trips always concede to critical scientific measurements in the area that can show if the activity is imminent. People still explore Pacaya despite the fact that the volcano could erupt and cause disaster.