As you may know by now, most Guatemalan typical games have roots in the games the ancient Mayan civilization used to practice, and while some of their native games are played all over the world, they still have their very own games that don’t require many objects and can be played by every child in the world, regardless of their economic class.

Moreover, there are also several Guatemalan games they learned from the Spaniards back in the Columbus days, although they made their very own versions of such games. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 4 most popular games in Guatemala.


Ulama is a ball game based on an ancient Mayan sport, and it’s still played up to this day by most young kids. Moreover, there’s some historical evidence that point towards other American ancient cultures also playing their own version of this game.

The point of Ulama is to keep the ball between the sidelines, and it’s generally played by five or more players per team and points are rewarded whenever one of the players fail and send the ball out of the sidelines. Also, you can only hit the ball with your hips, and the first team to reach eight points is the team that wins.


Piñata is extremely popular in almost every single Hispanic culture. Piñatas in Guatemala are traditionally made of wires and are shaped like a donkey, and they’re also covered in newspaper to create a thick layer. Once the shape is done, they put a lot of color around it.


Basically, Piñata consists of hitting the piñata. That way, every single person that’s taking part in the game will take turns to hit it until it’s finally broken, and eventually a lot of candy and toys will come out of it. This game is mostly played in birthday parties.

Egg-And-Spoon Races

This traditional game first took place towards the end of the 19th Century, and it’s also played in several different countries from all over the world. It basically consists of holding a spoon with your mouth and putting an egg on top of it.

Once everyone is lined up and has its spoon and egg, they must go towards the goal line, obviously trying to prevent the egg from falling. Notably, the first one to make it there with their egg in one piece wins.


Even if this one’s not exactly a typical Guatemalan game, soccer is actually the nation’s most popular sport, as people from all ages thrive to play against each other as you only need a ball and a place to play.

This sport first made it to Guatemala towards the end of the 19th century, when English sailors made it all the way to the American continent and started playing in pretty much every harbor they found. This first happened in Argentina, and then found its way to Mexico, passing through Guatemala back in 1862.