What can we say about Guatemala that we haven’t said before? This beautiful country hides a lot of secrets and incredible landscapes that could take the breath away from even the most experienced travelers in the world.This incredible country has a lot of things to offer to the rest of the world, and while it may have not nearly half as much publicity as some of its neighbors like Mexico, perhaps it’s even a far more interesting destination.

In Guatemala, you’ll find volcanoes, rainforests, rivers, and whatnot, and it’s also one of the most important places when we talk about ancient civilizations and architecture, especially if we talk about the Mayan culture.Even though we’re talking about a relatively small country, Guatemala holds a lot of treasures no explorer in the world could afford to miss on, and it can also offer a lot of great things for average tourists and people trying to get a glimpse of the true reality of Central America.

So, if you’re looking to have the time of your life and find about all of the great things you can find at Guatemala, go ahead and check our list of the top 3 most important cities of this beautiful country:


Escuintla is Guatemala’s third most important city. Located in right in the south of the country, this is arguably the nation’s farming capital, as it holds the most natural resources and it’s known for his agricultural products and organic goods.

This is also one of Guatemala’s oldest cities. Founded in 1825, it holds a ton of architectural treasures and a rich history. Its name literally means “City of Dogs”, as the Spaniards thought the native lowland paca were actually dogs when they first got there.


Quetzaltenango, or ‘Xela’, as most Guatemalans know it, is the country’s second biggest and most developed city, as well as being the nation’s pride when it comes to Universities and educational centers, and it’s located around 206 km northeast of Guatemala’s capital. With a population of just over 300.000 people, Quetzaltenango hosts thousands of students from all across the continent, and its mountains are one of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find in all of Central America.


Guatemala City

Like most countries of the region, Guatemala’s urban and business development was mostly focused towards the country’s capital, so it’s no surprise at all to see Guatemala City as the nation’s biggest, and most important city, and it’s not even close. Most of Guatemala’s wealth is stacked up in the team’s capital, and most of the nation’s budget is also destined for its development and proper functioning. Contrary to popular belief, Guatemala City is actually one of the region’s most modern cities, and its tropical weather make it a must-visit town for foreigners.

All across town, you’ll still be able to find examples of European architecture from its earlier days, but the city’s also quickly developing as it looks to become a huge metropolis 10 years from now.