Guatemala is known as one of the most amazing countries in the world. The historical and natural diversity of this place is well-known, and this is why it is one of the most popular places to go in Southern America. The history of the country stretches back thousands of years and the landmarks of these amazing civilizations can be still seen in the amazing tropical forests of this country. The country gets more and more developed every year and it is renowned for the tropical fruits and coffee beans. The coffee types found here are amazing and this is why a large part of the economy of this country is based on the coffee trade. There are countless Guatemalan coffees that are worth trying but choosing the perfect type for your taste can be a challenging task because there are so many types. We have listed some of the best Guatemalan coffee types to try in order to give a true coffee experience.

Pablo’s Pride Gourmet Coffee

This is one of the largest coffee establishments. It comes in medium-dark variation and it has a very unique taste. It has a very rich flavor thanks to the coffee plant type and due to the fact that the plantations are high up in the mountains and they get the freshest water and air. The soil in Guatemala is very rich and fertile because of the fact that there are many volcanoes in Guatemala and the ash from them enriches the land. This coffee type is for the strong aroma lovers and it will definitely satisfy your caffeine craving.

Guatemalan Coffee Antigua

This coffee has one of the smoothest and richest flavors in the region. The coffee beans are grown near Antigua. The position of the field is perfect, just between two volcanoes. This makes the soil to be very dark and rich and this is why it is perfect for the plantations. This coffee is compatible with milk also, but most of the coffee tasters consider that the rich and smooth aroma is best enjoyed without any sugar or other additives.

Two Volcanoes Coffee

Another interesting assortment of coffees from Guatemala. The coffee plantation is located at the base of two volcanoes and that’s why, much like the bland mentioned above, this type of coffee also stands out. These beans are organic and one of the favorite coffee choices of the vegans. It has a very rich and strong aroma and the fact that is it usually medium grounded helps to preserve the aroma for a longer period of time.

Organic Guatemalan Fair Trade Coffee

This coffee has one of the most flavors on the market. It has orange and chocolate notes that will make you enjoy every sip of this amazing drink. The coffee beans are grounded in a traditional machine so that the environment is not affected by the processing. It is also from a beam plantation with a particularly rich soil, so it is perfect for organic assortments. It is definitely a coffee worth trying.