“Life is too short for bad meals”

Anytime this statement comes to my mind, I tend to think about it again and again, and each time I come to realize that it is very essential to eat a very good food. A meal that will nourish the body and give you satisfaction for your money. The crave for good and quality food made me go on a research in the city of Guatemala, looking for places where I can get good meals. So, I found them! Yes! Right here in Guatemala City, there are best restaurants that will give you the feeling of home-away-from-home. Before I tell you, let me quickly tell you a little brief history of the city called Guatemala.

Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America, and have the great deal of the traditional flavours of Italy, Guatemalan Cuisine, Spices of Asia, and the gastronomy of France, which are some of the numerous tantalizing arrays to checkout.

Tamarindos: the restaurant that was once featured on Conde’ Nast’s hot list of 100 most exciting new restaurants in the world have has an incredible mixture of Thai and Italian food with sprinkle of Guatemalan flavour on their menu list. It is located in the trendy region of Zona Viva. The incredible four-cheese gnocchi or Sumptuous blend of flavouring vegetarian Pad Thai is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Tamarindos have a welcoming ambience to enjoy your meal alongside an international wine list, all at a pleasantly low price.

Jean Francois: Jean Francois is one of the most peaceful and relaxing restaurants in Guatemala City. Close to the Corridor in the maze of a small up-side shopping centre is where this Antigua-Style hacienda with a stunning array of food coupled with arcades and adorned tables located. If you are the type that loves eating indoors, the restaurants offer the best service for you, an elegant inviting dining room with panoramic windows and a cracking fireplace.

Kacao: at the centre of Zona Viva, Kacao infuses traditional Guatemalan cuisine from around the country with an aspect of refinement in its service, ambient, and presentation of it Chapin cuisine. When Kacao is open, either for lunch or even dinner, the roof becomes luminous, especially at night with the glow of candles, giving it a romantic ambience. Kacao also have an island feel of tropical plants surrounding a huge palapa during the day.

Jake’s: Jake Denburg, a painter turned restauranteur in New Jersey created Jake’s. Jake’s boast a romantic Italian ambience with sophisticated décor in a beautiful farm house-turned-restaurant, with hardwood ceiling, and tiled floors and a fireplace. Jake’s is also great for kids, it offers drawing materials for kids to draw on the table cloths.

L’Osteria: the scent of fresh rosemary thyme, basil, oregano and other onsite herbs growing in the courtyard of L’Osteria is always available for immediate cooking. At the heart of the Bohemian Bario of 4 grados Norte, this spot has a laid-back casual vibe with old timey yet artsy feel, including solid blocks of wood as tables. It also offers Italian food with plenty of vegetarian options, such as salads, pastas and also pizzas.