Are you a traveller, a tourist or a visitor are you new in the great Guatemala City and you need a serene, safe and pocket friendly place to stay, if you are such, then here are some interesting best hotels to stay at while in Guatemala City. Says, there are only few hotels in each tourism areas of Guatemala that may appease an international traveller who is used to getting the best facilities and services. Guatemala is a country rich in history and beautiful scenery a place you will want to visit over and over again once you see just how beautiful and amazing this small, yet generous country is. But out of all the hotels in Guatemala, some tends to make a memorable vacation experience for travellers.

Real InterContinental: there are lots of classic places to stay in Guatemala City. Real InterContinental is the best of them all. The facilities it has, its location, amenities, the services offered in addition to their rooms makes them the king of the hotels. Sitting on a busy corner of the Zona Viva, it has shops, bars and lots more.

Casa Santo Domingo: this is indeed a fabulous hotel to be, one can even get lost inside it! In this hotel, you will enjoy fire rooms, excellent services, and lots more. It also has a museum-quality collection of art in addition to its large amphitheatre.

Posada Del Angel: although this hotel is made up of just five rooms, but it is very right to say that these rooms are the best places to be. They give you a sense of intimacy along with luxury. The second-floor suite of the hotel has its own rooftop terrace.

Meson Panza Verde: this is one of the top Antigua hotels in Guatemala. Being elegant and artistic, the immaculately resorted old building is loaded with lots of wonderful rooftop terrace with amazing views. Artworks and interesting Architectural details are not left out.

Hotel Artilan: located at Finca San Buenaventura, Panajachel, is this awesome hotel is on the shores of lake Artilan with a great view of lake, and its surrounding volcanoes. The rooms are very beautiful and the rich gardens, ample amenities, and their great impeccable services makes this hotel a complete package.

Palacio de Dona Leonor: located in an old colonial mansion off Antigua’s main plaza is this hotel that offers almost all modern conveniences you can desire. The suites are filled with massive/gigantic flat screen television and Jacuzzis. The ambience and décor are of the old colonial and are decadent.

Hotel Villa Caribe: this hotel located at Livingston and has my most favourite rooms which have individual bungalows that earns the hotel a spot in the group of the best hotels in Guatemala. These rooms all have air-conditioning, minibars and even cable televisions which are not in other rooms. Other special quality of this hotel is that all the rooms have a private balcony with a direct view of the Rio Dulce River mouth and the Caribbean Sea.